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Artesky UltraGuide 60mm

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The UltraGuide guide telescope is both a guide telescope and a finder with a 31.8mm helical focuser



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Ultra Guide 60 - The new generation guide telescope
The guide telescope is extremely necessary when doing astrophotography, the UltraGuide is a telescope with a 240mm focal length for a F / 4.0 ratio, ideal for medium or short focal length instruments.
The 31.8mm focuser allows the UltraGuide to be used both as a seeker and as a guide telescope, in fact it is equipped with a T2 thread to allow the attachment to most of the guide chambers on the market.
What differentiates the UltraGuide 60mm from other commercially available telescopes?
The UltraGuide 60mm has been carefully selected between different models for better optical quality and greater strength due to the all-aluminum body. Moreover the helicoidal focus is the great strength of this instrument, it allows two types of focusing: a less precise but fast and a second micrometric thanks to the particular focuser, in this way you will have the perfect fire in a moment!
With this instrument it is possible to drive up to 1000mm of focal length, higher focal lengths up to 1600mm can be achieved! Impossible thing with other telescopes in its category!
The back-focus up to 41mm allows a very comfortable focusing of both the most demanding eyepieces and most of the cameras on the market (QHY, ZWO, ALTAIR ASTRO, etc)
The UltraGuide 60mm telescope thanks to its helical focuser, always keeps the correct orientation of the inserted chamber; using the focusing system, the camera does not rotate and this function is indispensable for correct use with autoguiding software (such as PHD)

The helical focuser has a maximum stroke of 12mm while the fast focusing system has a maximum stroke of 24mm.
Included in the price of the telescope you will have rings, with three screws with tip in Nylon, offset and adjustable that will allow you a greater precision of the instrument.
The telescope is complete with a Vixen mini bar, compatible with several finder bases, some of them are related products, however we recommend the Altair Astro Universal Base; otherwise you can easily connect it to a clamp and apply it on any Vixen or Losmandy bar.

Helical focuser
The Ultra Guide 60 helical focuser is very useful for ensuring a precise and optimal fire.

Technical features

  • Opening: 60 mm
  • Focal length: 240 mm (f / 4)
  • Maximum focus: 41 mm
  • Weight: 670 g (including tube and Vixen bar)
  • Room connection: 1.25 "+ T2 Male
  • Attack: Mini Vixen, standard for bases of GSO, Orion, Skywatcher, Celestron, etc

Additional Information

Additional Information

NameArtesky UltraGuide 60mm
Optical SchemeAchromatic refractor
Diameter60 mm
Focal Length240 mm