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Flat Field Box

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Artesky Flat Box USB 550mm

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Short Description

Useful opening 550mm – Controlled by USB from PC - Digital voltmeter for perfect brigthness reproduction and thus reproducible exposures - 12 V DC connection perfect for field operation


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LED flat field generator with fully illuminated area for creating high-quality flat field images for astrophotography.

Thanks to LED technology, a colour-neutal, pure white image is generated for very good flats also with colour cameras

The image is absolutely flicker-free, thus using very short exposure times is possible

The Flat Box generator has the newest LED technology.

The image is perfectly white and flicker-free, allowing even short exposure times.

The generator offers 550 mm perfectly evenly illuminated area.

Artesky Flat Box 550mm

Remote use - USB interface

The Artesky FLAT USB BOX can be used with the dedicated software, all the commands are performed with the USB interface below.

You will have the possibility to turn on/off your FLAT BOX from a PC, ideal for those who have a remote telescope or for more comfort in the field.

The brightness values ​​are more precise than the normal FLAT BOX, ranging from 0 to 255 and can be customized for each channel: LRGB-HA-OIII-SII

For each shooting channel you can also set the exposure time in seconds.

Check the user manul for a easy use of your Flat Box

Download USB interface

Advantages in short 

  • Panel perfectly illuminated and uniform up to the edges
  • Precise digital USB dimmer for exact brigthness adjustment (255 steps)
  • Very strong anti-scratch and dirt-proof external surface
  • Digital voltmeter for perfect brigthness reproduction and thus reproducible exposures
  • 12 V DC connection - perfect for field operation
  • Solid mechanics and metal core
  • Completely made in Italy
  • Controlled by USB from PC
  • Remote ON/OFF from PC
  • Customized intensity for the FLAT BOX USB for every channel (LRGB,HA,OIII,SII)

Software with complete integration of FLAT BOX Artesky

Tecnical data

Useful opening550mm
Power12V 1A


  • Flat Box USB 550mm Artesky
  • Cigarette lighter power cord
  • Cigarette female cord adapter to double banana jack male
  • Software


  • Canvas bag for transport

Important note for using with external power supply 

To avoid any flickering problem due to any kind of electrical leakage from cheap power supply, we suggest to use a 12V linear stabilized power supply.

Most of the stabilized power supplies on the market are of the low quality switching type and cause current leakage that can damage the FLAT BOX.

Additional Information

Additional Information

NameArtesky Flat Box USB 550mm
Warranty3 YEARS


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