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Artesky Twist Lock 2" Eyepiece Holder for SkyWatcher Newtonians

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Artesky is pleased to present the 50.8mm Twist Lock protaoculars for Skywatcher Newton telescopes, this accessory screws on the thread of the original focuser in Skywatcher Newton telescopes (150PDS, 200PDS, 250PDS, 300PDS, QUATTRO8S, QUATTRO10S, QUATTRO12S and similar that share the same focuser thread; allows you to use any accessory with a diameter of 50.8mm (2 ").


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This locking system, compared to a classic 2 "eyepiece holder with screw closure, allows better tightening and eliminates any possible bending of the optical train, making it a must-have also for amateur astronomers who love astrophotography.

We tested this lowered Twist Lock with the following coma correctors to ensure it works:

  • Skywatcher F5 coma corrector
  • Skywatcher F4 coma corrector
  • Baader MKIII coma corrector
  • Artesky coma corrector 0.95x
  • Sharpstar MPCC coma corrector 1x
  • Coma corrector TS / Tecnosky / Omegon

The self-centering Twist Lock closure does not damage any accessory with unsightly marks and keeps the system perfectly in line with the optical axis, also excellent as a support for laser or OCAL collimation

The closure is managed thanks to an external ring that allows easy locking and with a grip system, you will have an easy closure even in the presence of humidity or in winter.

Use with CCD, CMOS or Reflex cameras

The TWIST LOCK eyepiece holder is also suitable with the use of very heavy photographic accessories such as CMOS cameras, CCDs or digital reflex cameras (DSLR), eliminating any bending it is possible to work optimally with our setup.

How can I use the TWIST LOCK with a camera?

It is very simple, if we have a Reflex camera we can connect an adapter from T2 to 50.8mm and insert it directly into the TWIST LOCK, at this point we just need to tighten (in the "close" direction) to have a perfect and solid closure with a pressure distributed throughout the barrel.

If we have a CCD or a CMOS the locking system is the same and we will always need a 50.8mm adapter to be inserted in the eyepiece holder.

On the T2-50.8mm adapter it will also be possible to screw a filter such as an anti-pollution or a polarizer, without hindering our locking system in any way.

The height of the TWIST LOCK 50.8mm eyepiece holder for NEWTON SKYWATCHER telescopes is 21mm, while the external diameter is 80mm.

Additional Information

Additional Information

NameArtesky Twist Lock 2" Eyepiece Holder for SkyWatcher Newtonians
Warranty2 Years