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  1. The IMX533 is a 1-inch, 9MP CMOS image sensor in a square format with a 3.76 um pixel size, capable of producing frames at 20 frames/sec in 14bit mode.
    Read out noise is as low as 1.0e which makes it comparable to SCMOS or EMCCD sensors and highly suitable for high definition, low noise imaging.

  2. The cooled Color PRO camera from ZWO has the newest Sony IMX294CJK sensor - high-sensitivity astro camera for deep-sky photography.

    • Most famous sensor of Sony
    • APS-C(1.8″) Diagonal 28.4mm
    • 16M Pixel (4944×3284)
    • Very low read noise: 2.3e @24db gain 3.3e @lowest gain
    • 14Bit ADC: provide real 14bit Dynamic range
    • Electronic shutter: no vibration problem with mechanical shutter

  3. New-6% ToupTek 571C PRO Color ToupTek 571C PRO Color

    The SONY IMX571 sensor has a diagonal of 28.3 mm and 3.76x3.76 micron pixels, the APS-C format is a new, even more performing sensor, with 26MP and a resolution of 6248x4176.

    With this sensor it is possible to photograph an entire cluster of galaxies and show the details of each one at the same time!

    The camera also features dual-stage TEC Cooling with a thermal delta equal to 35° real degrees.

  4. ZWO presents the new ASI294MM-Pro, Sony 4/3 "monochrome sensor with 23.2mm diagonal and Peltier cooling!

  5. ASI2600MC Pro uses Sony’s latest back-illuminated IMX571 APS-C format native 16-bit ADC sensor. It has an ultra-high 14 stops dynamic range, ultra-low 1.0e readout noise and an innovative breakthrough resulting in zero amp-glow. It is a camera born from the appeal of astrophotography lovers.

  6. ZWO presents the new ASI2600MM-Pro, Sony APS-C monochrome sensor with 28.3mm diagonal and Peltier cooling! This is the first 16bit ZWO ASI camera with a monochrome APS-C sensor

  7. The new ZWO ASI2600MC DUO camera is the first camera in the world to use the Sony ExMor IMX571 sensor in combination with the monochrome SC2210 sensor for the integrated guide!

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