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Auriga Bino Viewer

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The new Auriga Bino Viewer binocular turret represents a real revolution in the world of amateur and professional visual astronomy.


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The new Auriga Bino Viewer binocular turret represents a real revolution in the world of amateur and professional visual astronomy. For what reason? We have thought of everything to be able to provide you with a quality product that is reliable over time and that can accompany you with any instrument you own, today and in the future. Draft Corrector Until now, most binocular turrets on the market did not allow for use with short-fire instruments such as Newtonian telescopes. In fact, those who use instruments like the latter know well how difficult it is to find a turret on the market that allows profitable observation without the need to purchase expensive draft correctors to extract the focus of the telescope. Often even these correctors excessively modify the effective focal length of the instrument, also introducing artifacts or defects in terms of optical quality due to the geometries used. For this reason we decided to equip our Auriga Bino Viewer binocular turret with an effective and performing draft corrector that would allow it to be used on all possible optical schemes on the market, from the short focus refractor, to the Schmidt-Cassegrain up to the Newtonians and to the Maksutov-Cassegrain. Forget annoying lateral and longitudinal chromatic aberrations or ghost images that can disturb the vision of the beauties of our Cosmos. Straightened Image The Auriga Bino Viewer binocular turret returns perfectly straightened images without the use of image straightening or 90 ° diagonal prisms. Since the resulting image is straightened, you can also enjoy exceptional observations in terrestrial. Simply insert the Binoview turret inside the focuser with 31.8mm coupling, tighten it carefully, insert your eyepieces and enjoy the immensity of the Universe. The free opening of the prisms is 17.3mm, so truly unforgettable observations await you. Effective Quick Lock System Do you have large and heavy 31.8mm eyepieces and want to use them with the Auriga Bino Viewer binocular turret? The comfortable and effective Quick Lock system on each of the two couplings allows a secure grip on each barrel of any eyepiece. Simply unscrew and screw the ring nut to lock the eyepiece in the desired position. The knurls allow a secure grip on each ring. Diopter Adjustment Diopter adjustment on the Auriga Bino Viewer turret is done simply by rotating the right eyepiece clockwise and counterclockwise. Dioptric adjustments up to +/- 4 are possible. Anyone, even people with large dioptric differences, will be able to use their telescope in binocular vision without problems. Interpupillary Distance Adjustment The interpupillary distance adjustment is possible simply by acting on the two optical trains of the turret. The adjustment is in line, therefore without inclinations of the turret and allows it to be used by observers with a range of interpupillary distances between 58mm and 74mm. Rigid Hermetic Case The Auriga Bino Viewer binocular turret is supplied with a convenient rigid case with removable internal filling that will allow you to transport both your Auriga binocular turret and more pairs of eyepieces, of any size and encumbrance. Also included is a cleaning cloth and instruction manual.

Additional Information

Additional Information

NameAuriga Bino Viewer
Warranty2 Years