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Creator of the outdoor mobile technology market, CROSSCALL offers tough, waterproof mobile phones and smartphones, with long-lasting batteries. The brand is led by a passionate team, designing products which are perfectly suited to difficult and unpredictable environments (water, rain, wind, humidity, dust, shock …) encountered by athletes and field professionals.

With over 1,000,000 units sold, an annual turnover of € 30M, and 12,000 sales outlets across Europe, the French company, based in Aix-en-Provence, is expanding on international markets.

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  1. -48% Crosscall Flat Cable USB/Micro-USB
    This flat cable is fitted with universal USB 2.0 and Micro USB connectors. It will let you charge your mobile or rapidly transfer data, avoiding cable knots.

  2. -19% Crosscall X-Armband

    With the ergonomic armband you have easy access to all functions of your mobile, and you retain your freedom of movement. The Velcro can be adjusted to everyone's size, while the X-BLOCKER secures your smartphone securely on its holder. From now on you can view your phone without having to pack it.

    * The X-ARMBAND is only compatible with telephones equipped with X-LINK technology.


    Installed in portrait or landscape mode on your handlebar, the X-BIKE has been especially designed to be adjusted in all positions. Mounted via the X-LINK system, you just need to secure the telephone thanks to the X-BLOCKER and you’re off! Position your smartphone as you would like and record your best sessions.

  4. -36% Crosscall X-Chest


    This reinforced fixing harness allows you to keep your smartphone fixed to your chest in every situation. This means you can capture your best moments on screen while keeping your hands free. Combined with the X-BLOCKER, it offers comfortable use with shock absorption, a silicon grip, antiperspirant materials and adjustable straps.

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