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Celestron PowerSeeker 127EQ-MD Smart

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Short Description

PowerSeeker 127 EQ reflector telescope with Right Ascension motor and Smartphone adapter, ideal for capturing beautiful images of the Moon and Solar System objects to be shared with your friends.


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The Powerseeker 127EQ is a telescope designed for children and beginners. The PowerSeeker series has been designed to provide beginners with a telescope that combines quality, value, functionality and optical power. All models are equipped with an image rectifier which allows both astronomical and terrestrial observations.

Amateur astronomy is a great family hobby that can be enjoyed all year round, and PowerSeekers telescopes are the ideal choice for families looking for an affordable quality telescope that can provide many hours of fun for children and adults. With the 127 EQ model which is 329 times more powerful than the human eye, you will see many lunar craters, the phases of Venus, the satellites and the equatorial bands of Jupiter, the rings of Saturn and, under dark and clear skies, even the brightest objects in the deep sky: star clusters, nebulae and even some galaxies!

PowerSeeker telescopes are quick and easy to install - even for beginners. No tools are needed for assembly! Their robust equatorial mounts are perfect for chasing celestial objects. All PowerSeekers are supplied with a full range of eyepieces plus a 3x Barlow lens which provides hundreds of times more magnification than the naked eye! These telescopes are designed and manufactured using all the optical components in glass treated with high transmission coatings to obtain brighter and sharper images.

Also included in the package is an engine to be connected to the Right Ascension axis to allow automatic tracking of the celestial vault without any user intervention on the AR axis, in fact it will be sufficient to carry out a precise polar parking, mount the hourly motor on the AR axis and activate sidereal tracking. In case of observations from the northern hemisphere, position the lever on the "N" indicator, otherwise, if from the southern one, on "S". To keep in the field the objects that are being observed, only occasional corrections will be sufficient with the Declination knob. You can also change the tracking speed to allow tracking of Solar System objects.

This particular model also includes a photo adapter for smartphones. Thanks to the included universal smartphone adapter you can photograph many celestial objects directly from your smartphone. The adapter is compatible with the majority of smartphones on the market; it is in fact fully adjustable and can adapt to any device, usually with the cover. Even larger smartphones such as the iPhone 8 Plus and the latest Samsung Galaxy devices, for example, work perfectly and are compatible without problems of size and weight. With a weight of only 170.1g, this universal smartphone adapter will accompany you in shooting and sharing spectacular images of the Moon and the major planets, such as Jupiter or Saturn. It will be possible to photograph the rings of Saturn, the craters of the Moon and even the phases of Venus!

Schema OtticoRiflettore Newton
Diametro127 mm
Lunghezza Focale1000 mm
Rapporto Focalef/7.87
Guadagno luminoso329x (occhio umano = 1)
TrattamentoRiflettente (alluminatura) su entrambi
gli specchi
MontaturaEquatoriale con movimenti
micrometrici in entrambi gli assi
MotoreMotor Drive incluso.
TreppiedeIn alluminio, preassemblato
Peso totale14.6 Kg
Oculari20 mm (50X),  4 mm (250X),
diam. 31.8 mm
Lente di Barlow 3x (triplica gli
Smartphone adapter
Motore Drive

Additional Information

Additional Information

NameCelestron PowerSeeker 127EQ-MD Smart
Warranty3 YEARS
Optical SchemeNewton
Diameter127 mm
Focal Length1000 mm
Mount typeManual Equatorial