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Celestron StarSense Explorer 10” DOBSON

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Celestron StarSense Explorer 10” Dobsonian telescope with parabolic mirror and assisted pointing.


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The new Celestron StarSense Explorer series of telescopes represents a new way to observe the night sky. A real revolution that finally becomes part of the Celestron brand product catalogue.

Until now our catalog was composed of only two macro types of altazimuth instruments: manual and computerized NexStar+. With the new Star Sense Explorer series we have reinvented the way of practicing astronomy in the amateur world.

Now also available in the Dobsonian version equipped with a parabolic primary mirror with XLT treatments.

Forget about complicated star maps, imprecise planetarium apps and expensive computerized mounts. With Celestron Star Sense Explorer telescopes, identifying celestial objects has never been so simple and fast. Place your smartphone in the appropriate holder on the mount and launch the StarSense Explorer app. Once you have aligned your smartphone with the telescope's optics, a procedure that only takes a couple of minutes, you will have all the beauties of the night sky ready to be pointed at. Once you have selected the desired object from those proposed and visible, simply follow the instructions on the screen of your smartphone by moving the telescope until you center the celestial object, be it the Moon, planet, galaxy or nebula.

The StarsenseExplorer APP allows you to select the object to point to from the list of visible ones. It will then show you the direction in which you will have to move to track it, zooming increasingly until you are on the target. Now all you have to do is observe it in the eyepiece of the telescope. Unlike all systems on the market so far, including astronomical apps, the patented StarsenseExplorer system AUTOMATICALLY RECOGNIZES, through the brightest stars, THE EXACT POSITION OF THE TELESCOPE IN THE SKY.

Celestron Star Sense Explorer is compatible with the majority of smartphones on the market. Discover the complete list of compatible iOS and Android smartphones here.

The altazimuth mount with micrometric motions on both axes will allow you to precisely point to any celestial object. Simply follow the directions on your smartphone screen for exciting visions of the most beautiful celestial objects in the night sky. Even from the skies of the cities, thanks to the generous 8" diameter of the telescope, you will have many of the most beautiful celestial objects in the night sky available for observation, including, in addition to the planets and the Moon, also the Andromeda Galaxy, the Orion and many of the star clusters visible from Earth.

The scope of delivery of the instrument includes a 25mm Plossl eyepiece, a red dot finderscope and a collimator.

Schema OtticoNewton Dobson
Lunghezza Focale1200mm
Rapporto Focalef/4.7
Oculare 125mm
Ingrandimento Oculare 148x
Ingrandimento Max600X
Magnitudine Limite14.7
CercatoreStarPointer™ a Punto Rosso
Materiale TuboAcciaio
Trattamenti OtticiStarbright XLT
VetroPyrex (sia primario, sia secondario)
Messa a FuocoCon fuocheggiatore Crayford 2”
Peso Tubo13.24 kg
Spessore Specchi30mm specchio primario, 11.5mm specchio secondario
Tipo MontaturaManuale Altazimutale Dobson
Peso Montatura11.6 kg
Moti MicrometriciManuali
GPSGPS dello Smartphone
App AllineamentoStarSense Explorer app
Software AggiuntiviStarSense Explorer app | SkyPortal app | Celestron Starry Night Basic Edition
Peso Totale24.86 kg
Componenti InclusiTelescopio, oculare Plossl 25mm, cercatore a punto rosso, collimatore.

Additional Information

Additional Information

NameCelestron StarSense Explorer 10” DOBSON
Warranty3 YEARS
Optical SchemeNewton
Diameter254 mm
Focal Length1200 mm
Mount typeDobson Go-To


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