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Kenwood TH-D75E - 144/430 MHz Analog/D-STAR Transceiver

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Short Description

D-Star dual band 144/430 MHz Analog/Digital Transceiver.
Following in the footsteps of the previous TH-D74 model, the TH-D75E adds many useful features such as simultaneous reception of 2 D-STAR frequencies, Terminal Reflector mode to access the D-STAR Reflectors, improved voice guidance and a Standalone APRS digipeater function . Usability has been improved with the adoption of a USB Type-C socket, PTT support for Bluetooth headphones and a fully ergonomic design. These long-awaited new functions make this super-evolved version the definitive solution to the needs of a wide range of radio amateurs.


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Main features

  • Compatible with APRS communication protocol, which enables real-time bidirectional data transmission in Packet Radio. The NEW Digipeater function allows the TH-D75E to function as a temporary Digipeater station, allowing you to expand APRS coverage even in out-of-coverage locations.
  • Compatible with the D-STAR amateur radio network, developed by the Japan Amateur Radio League (JARL).
  • Simultaneous reception of 2 D-STAR signals (one on BAND A, one on Band B).
  • NEW - Reflector Terminal Mode for more convenient communications via Reflector D-STAR.
  • Wideband and multi-mode reception AM, FM, FM-N, SSB, CW.
  • IF filters to reduce reception interference.
  • IF output.
  • Improved voice guidance.
  • KENWOOD sound quality
  • NEW: USB Type-C port.

Supplied with:

  • Antenna: Yes, , Ferrite Bar Antenna suitable for receiving mid- and low-HF bands
  • Battery; Yes, , KNB-75LA - Li-ion battery (1820 mAh)
  • Belt clip attachment: Yes
  • Charger: Yes, , supplied with UK (3-pin) for T-type and EU (2-pin) for E-type.
  • Instruction manual: Yes, , Printed "Basic operations" manual in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish & Dutch
  • Fixing screw set: Yes, , for belt clip

Caratteristiche Generali Radio Amatori

Funzione Tone Burst 1750 HzSi
8.33KHz spaziatura di Air BandSi
Display LCD AlfanumericoSi
Presa AntennaSMA
Funzioni APRS (via built-in TNC)Si
Auto Power OffSi
Ripetitore automatico Offset (VHF)Si
Costruito nel pacchetto-TNC 1200/9600 bpsSi, , KISS TNC
Built-in GPSSi
Built-in microSD/SDHCSi
Built-in USB Type-CSi, , USB Serial, USB Audio Output, Mass Storage
Bluetooth integratoSi, , HSP, SPP
ClockSi, , Time/Date Function
CTCSS Encoder/DecoderSi, , Choice of 50 tones
CW Band WidthSi
CW Pitch FrequencySi
CW ReverseSi
DCS Encoder/DecoderSi, , Choice of 104 digital tones
Detect Signal OutputSi
Frequenza di ingresso direttaSi
Memorie DTMFSi, , 10 channels, 16 digits
Doppia RicezioneSi, VHFxUHF, VHFxVHF o UHFxUHF
ECHOLINK memoria canali selezionatiSi
Aggiornabile via porta USB FirmwareSi
FM RadioSi
Pannello frontale della tastieraSi
Altoparlante frontale di alta qualitàSi
IF 12 kHz OutputSi, , to USB Audio
Tasto Beep On/OffSi
Blocco tastiSi
LCD Background ColorSi, , B/W
Canale di Memoria Lock-outSi
Canali di Memoria con Alpha-tagging1000 Canali di Memoria
Funzione Shift MemoriaSi
Menu per Set-Up individualeSi
Meter TypeSi, , 3 types
Funzione MonitorSi
Funzioni di scansione multiplaSi
Joystick Multi-scorrimentoSi
Packet Operation - AX25 e KISS ModeSi, , KISS mode only
Memorie Programmabili su PCSi
Programma Controllo Radio via PC (Opzionale)Si
Messaggio di benvenuto durante l'accensioneSi
Programmazione Tasti FunzioneSi, , 2 keys (PF1, PF2)
RX Audio EqualizerSi, , 5 bands
Ripetitore Offsets SelezionabileSi
Squelch separato per Banda A e BSi
SSB/CW/AM ReceptionSi
SSB Hi-cut FilterSi
AM Hi-cut FilterSi
Frequenze RX simultaneeSi
T.O.T - Temporizzatore di timeoutSi
TX Audio EqualizerSi, , 4 bands
TX/RX Audio RecordingSi, , microSD/SDHC
Voice Message MemorySi
Guida vocaleSi, (Selectable 4 speeds)
Selezione Deviazione Largo/StrettoSi
Wide Band ReceptionSi

Specifiche Portatili AMR

Potenza RF di Uscita -(circa) - Alta5 W
Potenza RF di Uscita ( circa) - Media2 W
Potenza RF di Uscita (circa) - Bassa0,5 W
Potenza RF di Uscita -(circa) - Bassa0,05 W
Gamma di Frequenza - TX - VHF144 - 146 MHz
Gamma di Frequenza - TX - UHF430 - 440 MHz
Frequency Range - TX144 - 146 MHz, 430 - 440 MHz
Frequency Range - Band A136 - 174 MHz, 216 - 260 MHz, 410 - 470 MHz
Frequency Range - Band B0.1 - 76 MHz / 108 - 524 MHz
Frequency Range - Band B - FM - W76 - 108 MHz
Numero dei CanaliTotal 1000 Channels
ModalitàTX: F3E, F2D, F1D, F7W
RX: F3E, F2D, F1D, F7W, J3E, A3E, A1A
Mode - Band AF3E, F1D, F2D, F7W
Mode - Band BF3E, F2D, F1D, F7W, A1A, A3E, J3E, F7W
Tolleranza Frequenza+/- 2.0 ppm
13,8 V DC-inSi, (use PG-2W or PG-3J)
Impedenza di Antenna - 50 OhmSi
Impedenza Microfonica2 kOhm
Temperatura Operativa-10 °C a +50 °C con batteria standard
Tensione di funzionamentoDC-IN: DC 11.0 - 15.9 V (STD: DC 13.8 V)
BATT: DC 6.0 - 9.6 V (STD: DC 7.4 V)
Circuito RicevitoreF3E, F2D, F1D, F7W: Double Super Heterodyne
J3E, A3E, A1A: Triple Super Heterodyne
Frequenza Intermedia del Ricevitore - A-band - 1st IF57.15 MHz
Frequenza Intermedia del Ricevitore - A-band - 2nd IF450 kHz
Frequenza Intermedia del Ricevitore - B-band - 1st IF58.05 MHz
Frequenza Intermedia del Ricevitore - B-band - 2nd IF450 kHz
Receiver Intermediate Frequency - Band-B - 3rd IFJ3E, A3E, A1A: 10.8 kHz
Receiver Sensitivity - A & B BandsAmateur Band
FM / NFM 144 MHz Band-A: 0.18 / 0.22 uV
FM / NFM 144 MHz Band-B: 0.19 / 0.24 uV
FM / NFM 430 MHz Band-A: 0.18 / 0.22 uV
FM / NFM 430 MHz Band-A: 0.20 / 0.25 uV
DV PN9 / GMSK 4.8 kbps, BER 1% 144 MHz Band-A: 0.20 uV / 0.22 uV
DV PN9 / GMSK 4.8 kbps, BER 1% 430 MHz Band-B: 0.22 uV / 0.24 uV
SSB 10 dB S/N Band-A: 0.16 uV
AM 10 dB S/N Band-B: 0.50 uV
Receiver SquelchBand-A: 0.18 uV
Band-B: 0.25uV
Receiver Spurious Rejection144 MHz - Band-A: 50 dB or more
430 MHZ - Band-A: 50 dB or more
144 MHz - Band-B: 45 dB or more
430 MHz - Band-B: 40 dB or more
Receiver IF RejectionBand-A: 60 dB or more
Band-B: 55 dB or more
Receiver Channel Selectivity-6 dB: 12 kHz or more
-50 dB: 30 kHz or less
Receiver Audio Output7.4 V, 10% Dist.
400 mW or more / 8 Ohm
Massima Deviazione di Frequenza del TrasmettitoreFM: +/- 5.0 kHz
Modulazione TrasmettitoreFM: Reactance Modulation
DV: GMSK Reactance Modulation
Transmitter Modulation DeviationFM: +/- 5.0 kHz
NFM: +/- 2.5 kHz
Transmitter Spurious EmissionsHI / MID: -60 dBc or less
L: -50 dBc or less
EL: -40 dBc or less
DimensioniW x H x D 
with KNB-75L: 56.0 x 121.95 x 32.5 mm
- Projections not included - 
Weight (with battery)with KNB-75L: 340 g (net) 

Caratteristiche APRS

Avviso su chiamata specialeSi
Data Output APRSSi, , to a PC via the USB Port or Bluetooth
Messaggio di risposta automaticaSi
Algoritmo DecaySi
Funzione DigipeatSi
Memoria MessaggiSi, 100 Messaggi
New-N ParadigmaSi
Uscita Packet DataSi, Yes, to a PC via the USB Port or Bluetooth
Pathing ProporzionaleSi
Funzione QSYSi
Ricevuto dati a pacchetto Pop-upSi
Relay Path DisplaySi
SmartBeaconing ™Si
State/Section /Region PathingSi
Lista Stazioni MemorieSi, Elenca fino a 100 stazioni, con opzioni di filtro e ordinamento 
TX Object, Item PacketSi
Frasi UtenteSi
Notifiche messaggio VisibileSi

D-STAR Features

DV ModeSi
DV Fast ModeSi, , USB Interface or Bluetooth
DR ModeSi
Communication ModeSi
Communication Mode - DirectSi
Communication Mode - Single RepeaterSi
Communication Mode - ZoneSi
Communication Mode - GatewaySi
Communication Mode - RefrectorSi
Repeater List, Import/ExportSi
Repeater InformationSi
Callsign List, Import/ExportSi
Near Repeater Stattion Select/ScanSi
Access Repeater SelectSi
Gateway Route SelectSi
Select TO StationSi
TX MessageSi
GPS Sentense TX SelectSi
GPS Auto TX for Target StationSi
Detect FM on DV ModeSi
RX Popup MessageSi
Direct ReplySi
Standby BeepSi
Code SQSi
Auto ReplySi
Auto Reply Voice SelectSi
RX HistorySi
TX HistorySi
Late Entry ReceiveSi
Packet Loss DisplaySi
Digital Monitor (MONI Key)Si
Car Chank DisplaySi

Standards Applicabili


Additional Information

Additional Information

NameKenwood TH-D75E - 144/430 MHz Analog/D-STAR Transceiver
Warranty2 Years
TypeHam Radio
Digital ProtocolD-STAR