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Kowa TSN 88S Prominar 25-60x

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Kowa TSN 88 A PROMINAR straight scope. 25-60x zoom eyepiece. Optics with Fluorite Crystals, magnesium hull and nitrogen filling.


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To create the new range of top-of-the-range TSN-88 PROMINAR riflescopes we decided to go back to basics.

Origins that have the deepest roots in passion and attention to detail.

Origins that have made Kowa one of the most renowned producers in the world.

We have decided to perfect the color rendering to allow engaging and exciting observations, with pure, faithful and contrasting colors, without optical defects, just like they are in Nature.

Kowa is the only manufacturer of telescopes and optical instruments in the world to use pure fluorite crystals for the production of optical lenses. Fluorite crystal is a very difficult natural mineral to work with; the production process is in fact extremely complex and requires specific skills and dedicated machinery.

One of the main causes of the deterioration of the image produced by an optical system is the chromatic aberration that occurs when a lens is unable to converge all the wavelengths of colors on the same focal plane. The beating heart of PROMINAR optics is the 88mm diameter pure fluorite crystal lens that virtually eliminates chromatic aberration from images. The result? Faithful colors, pure and with a contrast that leaves you breathless.

In the new TSN-88 PROMINAR riflescope series, engineers have improved the unique optical coatings applied not only to the lenses, but also to the prism. The result is a spotting scope that offers even higher levels of light transmission than its predecessor, as well as never-before-seen color fidelity.

In designing the TSN-99 PROMINAR we had a lot of experience in our luggage. We only needed to optimize the already exceptional optical and mechanical characteristics in our possession to obtain a product with unparalleled characteristics.


The focusing with reduction ratio is one of the most important features of the flagship products of the Kowa spotting scope range. The focusing mechanism consists of adjusting the distance between the objective lens and the optical elements that produce the image that reaches the eye. Making this mechanism practical, fluid and ergonomic has allowed us to further improve the viewing experience. The Quick Focus focus knob allows you to quickly reach a first focus in a few turns; later, with the Fine focus knob, it will be possible to refine it for the best possible precision. Accurate focusing is essential not only in observation but especially in digiscoping photography. We believe that no other riflescope has the focusing fluidity like that found in Kowa riflescopes. A focus as accurate as possible is essential not only in observation, but especially in digiscoping photography.


Kowa engineers and opticians decided to further optimize the light transmission values ​​through lenses and prisms. This was possible thanks to improvements in the chemical composition of the optical surface treatments on every single surface of lenses and prisms.

The TSN-88 PROMINAR series is built to last over time, even facing the most complex environmental conditions. These spotting scopes will be your perfect travel companions on all your adventures. Under the hull of the TSN-88 PROMINAR is housed a resistant magnesium alloy chassis: the perfect combination of rigidity and strength. Thanks to the use of these materials, the TSN-99 PROMINAR spotting scopes are among the most compact and light in their class. The TSN-88 PROMINAR series is built to last over time. These spotting scopes will be your perfect travel companions on all your adventures. The lens is coated with the proprietary Kowa Repelling KR surface treatment, in this version offered with performance upgrades. This protective layer provides additional protection from the elements and repels dirt, dust and moisture while also favoring lens cleaning operations.


The scope body is sealed and nitrogen filled for maximum protection from the elements and is designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions while ensuring a firm and ergonomic grip.


The lens is also coated with the proprietary Kowa Repelling KR surface treatment. This protective layer provides additional protection from the elements and repels dirt, dust and liquids while also favoring lens cleaning operations. For the TSN-88 PROMINAR spotting scope series, Kowa engineers worked to make the treatment performance even better.

Nothing is left to chance in the design of Kowa riflescopes. The new TSN-99 PROMINAR have as a starting point the classic Kowa green livery; the result is an icon of style and form.

TSN-PROMINAR riflescopes look like no other instrument, a milestone of style, sophistication and obsessive attention to detail.The lines and shapes of the TSN-PROMINAR riflescopes are designed to take into account the ergonomics, functionality and comfort of use on any occasion and for long periods of time.

SHIELD A practical and efficient removable and retractable lens hood allows the reduction of reflections during observation and protects the lens from wind and external elements.

COLLAR The universal collar of the accessories of the Kowa System range allows easy and safe connections between fittings, extenders and astronomical eyepieces.

EYE RELEASE BUTTON We have designed a quick release button that allows the eyepiece to be safely removed from the telescope body.

TRIPOD ATTACHMENT The base for attaching / detaching to the tripod is equipped with two threads for complete compatibility even with tripods other than the standard ones. The threaded couplings have a removable screw which makes the scope compatible with 1/4 and 3/8 inch threads. The telescope body can be rotated to improve observation comfort by turning the release screw located on the instrument collar.

THREAD FOR FILTERS A 95mm thread allows you to screw protection or UV filters to increase the safety and quality of observation. The hood can be pulled out and retracted freely even with the filter screwed on.

VIEWFINDER The lens hood also incorporates a practical viewfinder that assists the observer in finding the subject to be framed with the telescope.


  • Objective Diameter: 88mm
  • Objective Lens Material: Fluorite Crystal
  • Minimum Focusing Distance: 5m
  • 88S length: 326mm
  • Weight 88S body only: 1480g
  • Weight 88S Zoom kit: 1860g
  • Filter Thread: 95mm

Additional Information

Additional Information

NameKowa TSN 88S Prominar 25-60x
Warranty10 YEARS


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