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Optolong L-Pro Filter 2"

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The L-Pro CCD filter improves the contrast of deep-sky objects and reduces the sky background.

  • blocks UV and IR (700 - 1100 nm)
  • high transmission at passband
  • improved color balance for DSLRs and One-Shot Color Astro Cameras, e.g. ASI Color Cameras cooled or uncooled by ZWO.
  • high optical quality
  • in 2" filter cell
  • The L-Pro Nebula filter permits roughly 3x longer exposure times than without a filter and therefore improves contrast significantly.


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These filters allow for astrophotography close to a city and deliver optimal results. Optolong L-Pro nebula filters cause a significant contrast enhancement and therefore enable longer exposure times with DSLRs, color and mono astro cameras.

The exposure time can be multiplied by a factor of 3. This means, that you are able to expose three times as long than without a filter, before the sky background becomes visible. On the contrary, the light which the nebula emits passes unhindered. This results in a significant contrast enhancement and makes nebula photography possible, where it otherwise would not, even close to cities. Galaxy and cluster photography also greatly benefits from the L-Pro.

Substrate:High-quality optical glass
Thickness:1.85 mm
Surface Treatment:Fine-optically polished
Surface Polish Quality:60/40 (Refer to MIL-O-13830)
Surface Quality:1/4 wavefront
Transmission:approx. 95% at passband
Cell:Filter cell 2", black anodized, laser engraved
Clear Aperture:45 mm

Additional Information

Additional Information

NameOptolong L-Pro Filter 2"
Diameter2" (50.8mm)


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