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  1. Sirio CAVO "NE" 4 meters cable

  2. 50cm coaxial cable with low attenuation (Low Loss, type H-155), with PL plug to PL plug. Useable up to 6 GHz, typical applications are ham radio, PMR and similar. Impedance: 50 Ohm

  3. Sirio SG-AC/U + 4Mt Cable/PL semi-professional center-roof

  4. Coaxial cable RG-58 - 25 meters ring. Diam: 5mm

  5. Professional Low Loss Cable for MB-TRW/400/470/CR/L Series Brackets, Connector SO239-PL259, Length 4mt

  6. Sirio HP-AC/U + 5M professional central-roof CABLE

  7. Coaxial cable RG-58 - 50 meters ring. Diam: 5mm

  8. Coaxial cable RG-213U MIL-C17 - 25 meters ring

  9. Coaxial cable RG-213U MIL-C17 - 50 meters ring

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