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Sharpstar 76EDPH 76mm FPL53 F/4.5

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76mm triplet refractor FPL53 F/5.5 Sharpstar - Focal length 418mm - Focuser 2.5 "Rack & Pinion - Complete with 0.8x corrector reducer for dedicated FullFrame. The reducer takes the aperture to F/4.5


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Sharpstar 76mm F / 5.5 triplet refractor - 2.5 "focuser - Focal length 418mm

76mm apochromatic refractor with 3 very high definition optical elements for visual observation or photography, it offers color correction at the highest levels thanks to the clever Sharpstar construction. The image is not affected by any chromatic aberration and remains very clear and well contrasted, sharp even when used for terrestrial visual observation.
The dedicated 0.8x reducer is included which brings the instrument to F / 4.5 and 342mm focal length

Improved mechanics and lenses

The very precise mechanics guarantees universal application in every astronomical field and extreme satisfaction in use.
In addition to the improvement of the optics, the 76/418 also offers an improved mechanics that leaves nothing to chance, in this way the performance of the apochromat can be fully exploited even in astrophotography.
Air-spaced FPL53 apochromatic triplet with multi-treatment on every optical surface, this makes the optical quality very good and no chromatic aberration even at maximum magnification.
The objective of this apochromat is composed of an air-spaced triplet also composed of elements provided by the famous Ohara (Made in Japan), in fact the central element is composed of ED Ohara SuperAPO-FPL53 glass.
The ultra-modernized optical design allows for precise optical correction across the entire wavelength range.
All this makes the Sharpstar 76/418 one of the best apochromats in circulation in its class, as it is much more controlled than other refractors on the market.

Sharpstar 2.5 "Rack & Pinion focuser

This FPL53 triplet uses a brand new Sharpstar 2.5 "focuser, rotatable by 360 ° to always keep the camera in the correct position, thanks to the Rack & Pinion system, the focuser can withstand very heavy loads without any torsion problem.
The 1:10 reduction mechanism offers precise focusing and is ideal for astrophotography.
Total weight 2.9kg

The contents of the box:

  • 78mm aluminum tube
  • Retractable lens hood
  • CNC machined aluminum rings
  • Sharpstar 2.5 "Rack & Pinion focuser, 360 ° rotating, 1:10 reduction
  • Reduction 2 "to 1.25"
  • Focal reducer and flattener for FullFrame

Additional Information

Additional Information

ManufacturerAskar Sharpstar
NameSharpstar 76EDPH 76mm FPL53 F/4.5
Warranty3 YEARS
Optical SchemeApochromatic refractor
Diameter76 mm
Focal Length342 mm


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