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SkyWatcher AZ-EQ5 WIFI

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Short Description

  • German Equatorial/Alt-Az/dual-OTA mode.
  • Permanent periodic error correction (PPEC).
  • Belt drive – Super smooth PE curve. Low backlash, silent slewing.
  • +/- 5 arc seconds native periodic error.
  • Dual shutter release control for batch exposures of astrophotography.
  • Motor controller with high torque and accuracy.
  • Includes two V-style saddles for mounting dual OTAs
  • Secure-fit power supply connections.
  • Polar alignment with optional polarscope.
  • Dual Encoders
  • Counterweight extension bar included.
  • Retractable counterweight bar.

WARNING: the Synscan hand controller has now been replaced by the WIFI controller to be used with Synscan Pro by Skywatcher 


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Versatile, Lightweight and Astonishingly Accurate

Our AZ-EQ5 hybrid mount epitomizes Sky-Watcher’s commitment to innovation.  Part AZ mount, part equatorial, the AZ-EQ5 is Sky-Watcher’s most versatile mount, capable of aligning in either Alt-Az, Equatorial or dual-OTA mode.  Thanks to it’s flexibility, the AZ-EQ5 mount is perfect for the beginning astronomer looking to get into astrophotography, the seasoned astrophotography buff or educators passionate about astronomy outreach.

Unlike Any Other Mount on the Market

Unique to Sky-Watcher’s AZ-EQ5 is a patented dual-encoder motor system, Freedom-Find™, which allows users to move the mount manually without losing alignment.  While most mounts lose their alignment once moved by hand, the AZ-EQ5 uses a proprietary slip clutch system that keeps your alignment whether you slew by hand or using the hand controller.  After moving to the new object (electronically or manually), the mount will start tracking automatically. 

Whisper Quiet Motors

  Sky-Watcher’s belt drive system has a few advantages over mounts using traditional stepper gearing.  Belt drive systems deliver nearly silent slewing and tracking, making for an evening free of obnoxious motor noises while delivering spot on accuracy.  Sky-Watcher’s belt drive also features minimal backlash, smoother tracking, and less periodic error than mounts using servo motors.  For users looking to improve the accuracy of their tracking, the AZ-EQ5 also features built in Periodic Error Correction firmware, allowing users to fix periodic error in the field.

Periodic Error Correction Made Easy!

For the astrophotographers looking to reduce Periodic Error, the SynScan hand controller has built in PEC training that can be configured while in the field!  Periodic Error is best described as tiny back-and-forth oscillations of target stars.  This motion is not notable during visual observation, but during a long photographic exposure, can turn pinpoint stars to small streaks.  Using Sky-Watcher’s built-in PEC training, astrophotographers can cut down on the problems caused by Periodic Error to get smoother tracking and better performance from an autoguider.

A Photographer’s Best Friend

The AZ-EQ5 mount has built in DSLR interface with the ability to control two cameras at once.  Using a built in intervelometer timer, the SynScan hand controller can setup exposure length, number of frames taken and a ‘cool down’ period between each frame.  Additionally, the SynScan hand controller has the ability to select up to 8 different exposure combinations.  No need to purchase an expensive cable release when Sky-Watcher includes everything you’ll need to start shooting deep sky objects out of the box.

Use at Any Latitude

Thanks to the pier extension that sits between the mount head and tripod, the AZ-EQ5 can be polar aligned at almost any latitude.  Most equatorial mounts have difficulty with polar alignment at lower latitudes due to the counterweight bar interfering with the tripod. The AZ-EQ5 bypasses this completely, using a beefy pier extension to elevate the mount head away from the tripod legs.  The pier extension creates enough clearance between the counterweight bar and tripod legs that the mount can be polar aligned at virtually any latitude, from Alaska to Ecuador to Tierra del Fuego.

Ready to Go, Out of the Box!

While most mounts leave you high and dry to purchase accessories on your own, Sky-Watcher includes plenty of accessories to get you started.  In addition to the SynScan hand controller and the pier tripod, the AZ-EQ5 mount comes with two 7.5lb counterweights and a counterweight extension bar, as well as an extra saddle for mounting a second scope for viewing in dual-OTA mode.  The mount also includes two Canon EOS trigger cables for connecting your camera to the mount (Nikon and Sony cables available separate).  A polar finderscope is also included to assist with setup.  The AZ-EQ5 has a built in USB port for firmware updates, but also allows computer control using various astronomy software.

General Mount Info
Mount TypeAlt-AZ/EQ
Payload Capacity (lbs)30
Mount Height (Min)41"
Mount Height (Max)48.7"
Mount Head Weight (lbs)16.9
Tripod Weight (lbs)13.4
Fully Assembled Weight (w/ weights)43.8
Tripod Leg Diameter1.75"
Mounting Saddle TypeV
Power Type12V
Polar ScopeOptional
Latitude Range (degrees)0-90
Computer/Drive System Info
Object Database42900+
WiFiWiFi dongle 
Polar Align AssistYes
Auto GuideYes
Permanent Periodic CorrectionYes
Pointing Accuracy (RMS)5 arc minutes
Dual EncodersYes
DSLR EnterfaceYes (Dual)
Included Weights7.5lbs (two)
Motor TypeStepper
Drive SystemBelt

Additional Information

Additional Information

NameSkyWatcher AZ-EQ5 WIFI
Warranty3 YEARS
Mount typeGo-To Altazimutal-Equatorial