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SkyWatcher Newton 114 AZ-EQ Avant

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Newton telescope 114 on AZ-EQ Avant mount


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114mm diameter Newton reflector telescope, 500mm focal length with parabolic primary mirror and with an optical power 360 times greater than the human eye on an AVANT altazimuth - equatorial mount and aluminum tripod adjustable in height and half-column. 31.8mm Super 25mm and Super 10mm eyepieces with Reddot finder.

The 114/500 Newtonian telescope has made the history of amateur astronomy for the past 40 years. The "114" so called by amateurs is in fact the classic diameter for those who want to approach the wonderful world of astronomy. The focal length of the optical tube - 100 mm - makes this instrument excellent for observations at high magnifications of the brightest objects in the solar system such as the Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the Sun with a special filter, but also for observing brighter objects in the deep sky like clusters of stars, nebulae and galaxies.

The new AZ-EQ Avant mount represents the perfect synthesis of portable altazimuth and equatorial mounts available on the market. Ideal for both visual observers and photographers who need a light, comfortable frame, equipped with micrometric motions and adaptable to any possible situation and need. The good load capacity of around 3kg is ideal for those who love light, compact instruments, but who also want rigidity and excellent performance.

The compactness and robustness of the AZ-EQ Avant mount will surprise you!

The new AZ-EQ Avant mount can be used both in the altazimuth and in the equatorial configuration, with the possibility of switching from one to the other in a few seconds. For an observation or a flash photography set the mount in altazimuth, while if you want to observe planets, clusters, galaxies or even simply the Moon set the base latitude of the mount at your latitude helping you with the graduated scale and orientating it indicatively, perhaps helping you with the compass of your smartphone, at the celestial north pole. By acting only on the micrometric motion of the AR axis, you will keep the objects you want to observe and investigate in the center of the field.

Schema OtticoRiflettore Newtoniano
Diametro114 mm
Lunghezza Focale500 mm
Rapporto Focalef/4.5
Ingrandimento max.230x
TrattamentoAlluminatura specchi
MontaturaAltazimutale – Equatoriale Avant
TreppiedeTelescopico collassabile a mezza colonna e vassoio portaoggetti
Oculari ed accessoriSuper 25 mm (20X),  Super 10 mm (50X),
barilotto da  31.8 mm

Additional Information

Additional Information

NameSkyWatcher Newton 114 AZ-EQ Avant
Warranty3 YEARS
Optical SchemeNewton
Diameter114 mm
Focal Length500 mm
Mount typeManual Equatorial


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