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SkyWatcher Newton Explorer 250/1200 PDS

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Newton Explorer 250/1200 optical reflector tube


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Newton telescopes are often recommended for those starting out in astronomy because they combine high diameter (and therefore light gathering capacity) at a low cost. The SkyWatcher Newton 250/1200 f/4.8 telescope is the model that offers the largest primary mirror (250mm) at an even lower price: all with high optical and mechanical quality for a product in this price range. In fact it offers a high optical quality that will allow you to see and photograph many objects of the Universe, combined with a quality mechanic that includes an excellent Crayford 50.8mm diameter focuser with micrometric focusing 1:10. Perfect for visual use on a mount at least HEQ5, for photographic use we recommend a model type EQ6-R or AZ-EQ6.

The SkyWatcher Newton 250/1200 f/4.8 telescope uses a very large primary mirror 250mm in diameter that offers an impressive ability to capture light allowing you to observe and photograph many weak objects such as galaxies or nebulae. Moreover, thanks to the very large diameter, the SkyWatcher Newton 250/1200 f/4.8 telescope can generate very high magnifications allowing you to see or photograph the smallest planetary details on many bodies of the Solar System such as Mars, Venus, Jupiter or Saturn.

The SkyWatcher Newton 250/1200 f/4.8 telescope has a solid 50,8mm diameter Crayford focuser with 31,8mm reducer and 1:10 micrometric focusing, better than that of similar telescopes from other brands. It therefore allows both to use wide-angle 50.8mm diameter eyepieces (to obtain low magnifications and large framed fields) and to connect rooms equipped with large sensors (such as digital SLRs): in this case we recommend the use of the AOCORR coma corrector for f5 telescopes that flattens the field.

The SkyWatcher Newton 250/1200 f/4.8 telescope is supplied as standard with Vixen type support rings and dovetail bar, together with a LET 28mm 50.8mm diameter eyepiece (which generates 43 magnifications) and the 9 × 50 finder.

Newton Explorer ducted optic diam. 250mm, focal length 1200mm (f / 4.8), eyepiece diam. 2 ″ LET28mm (43X) and 9 × 50 finder, dual-speed crayford focuser with 50.8 / 31.8mm eyepiece holder.

Compatible with coma corrector cod. AOCORR

Schema OtticoNewton
Diametro250 mm
Lunghezza Focale1200 mm
Rapporto Focalef/4,8
Ingrandimento max.500x
TrattamentoAlluminatura specchi
FuocheggiatoreCrayford dual-speed 50,8 / 31,8
Peso12 kg
Oculari ed accessoriOculare 2″ LET 28mm (43x)

Additional Information

Additional Information

NameSkyWatcher Newton Explorer 250/1200 PDS
Warranty3 YEARS
Optical SchemeNewton
Diameter250 mm
Focal Length1200 mm