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SkyWatcher Newton Quattro 300/1200 f/4

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Short Description

The Newton Quattro 300/1200 f/4 reflector optical tube is a 300mm diameter and 1200mm focal length telescope particularly suitable for photographic use, thanks to the fast f/4 focal ratio. Ideal as a personal observatory optical tube.


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Newtonian telescopes have always been the best-selling reflector telescopes as they combine a large diameter with a low price. The Newton Quattro 300/1200 f/4 by Sky-Watcher is a 300mm diameter and 1200mm focal length telescope particularly suitable for photographic use, thanks to the fast f/4 focal ratio and the compatibility of the optional AO-SUPERCOMACORR coma corrector .

This instrument is very bright and allows you to record the faintest details of faint objects but can still also be used visually, especially for the observation of galaxies, nebulae or star clusters.

Newton Quattros are the best instruments for observing or photographing faint objects, with very low costs. They were created for deep-sky photography but are also very well suited as a tool for observations of both faint and planetary objects.

Given the photographic use, much attention was paid to details. The internally opaque intubation guarantees better contrast and avoids any reflections. The 9-point primary cell provides solid support and easier, more precise collimation. Together with the LOSMANDY type dovetail bar, support rings are supplied which guarantee considerable stability to the optical tube. They are also useful for connecting other instruments to the Newtonian, for example if you need to mount a guide scope. The secondary mirror spiders are thin and rigid, both an aesthetic and mechanical advantage.

Equipped with a 3" (!) Crayford focuser with 1:10 gear ratio, the Newton Quattro 300 is the ideal instrument for those who want to dedicate themselves to astronomical photography. Thanks to the 31.8mm reducer supplied as standard, you can use eyepieces or other accessories of both 50.8mm and 31.8mm diameter. The 8×50 finderscope comes standard with its support, its 50mm aperture provides a large field of view. The low expansion rate mirrors with borosilicates guarantee faster acclimatization and reduced thermal expansion. For photographic use we recommend the use of the AO-SUPERCOMACORR coma corrector in order to correct small native defects of the optical scheme.

The considerable weight and size of the instrument necessarily require use with mounts such as the Sky-Watcher SynScan EQ8, with a considerable load capacity.

Schema OtticoNewton Fotografico
Diametro300 mm
Lunghezza Focale1200 mm
Rapporto Focalef/4
Ingrandimento max.600x
TrattamentoAlluminatura specchi
FuocheggiatoreCrayford dual-speed 3”
Peso20 kg

Additional Information

Additional Information

NameSkyWatcher Newton Quattro 300/1200 f/4
Warranty3 YEARS
Optical SchemeNewton
Diameter300 mm
Focal Length1200 mm


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