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SkyWatcher Star Adventurer GTI

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Short Description

GOTO Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer GTI astro-tracker with double axis motorization.


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Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer GTI, the new compact and lightweight GOTO dual-axis astro-tracker that allows you to perform spectacular long exposure shots of the sky in a wide field using a reflex or mirrorless camera, or through a small direct focus telescope.

The load capacity of 5Kg allows long exposure shooting even with large telephoto lenses or small telescopes with the possibility of self-guiding through the ST4 port on the AR and DEC axes.

Including tubular steel tripod, counterweight bar + counterweight and polar scope with illuminator.

TipologiaAstroinseguitore GOTO Doppio Asse
Cannocchiale PolareIncluso con illuminatore
Velocità InseguimentoSiderale, Lunare e Solare
Alimentazione12V Dc o con 8 pile AA (non incluse)
Peso2.6 Kg (solo testa)
Innesto Treppiede3/8” su mezza colonna
AutoguidaPorta ST4 (AR+DEC)
ControlloWi-Fi  o SynScan Hand Control (opzionale)
RisoluzioneRA 0.35 arcsec , DEC 0.44 arcsec
Motori e TrasmissioneServo, Corone dentate: 180 denti (AR), 144 denti (DEC)
Cannocchiale Polare illuminato, barra contrappesi + contrappeso, treppiede acciaio tubolare.

Additional Information

Additional Information

NameSkyWatcher Star Adventurer GTI
Warranty2 Years
Mount typeGo-To Equatorial