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TS-Optics 8" Ritchey-Chrétien Pro RC Telescope 203/1624 mm OTA

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Short Description

The 8" Ritchey-Chrétien is the perfect telescope for astrophotography, but it is also suitable for visual observation.

  • ♦ Aperture 8" / 203 mm - focal length 1624 mm - focal ratio f/8
  • ♦ Hyperbolic primary and secondary mirror for very high sharpness on the optical axis and a large well-corrected field for astrophotography
  • ♦ Both mirrors made of fused silica for stable focus position
  • ♦ 99% high-reflectivy coating on main and secondary mirror for an even brighter image and more contrast - special service from TS
  • ♦ Quicker cooling down thanks to open construction and primary mirror ventilation
  • ♦ Two Vixen style dovetail bars supplied - ideal for accessories like guiding scopes or a piggyback camera mount
  • ♦ High-quality 2" dual speed MONORAIL focuser with 2" / 1.25" reduction adapter - motor focuser optionally available
  • ♦ RC correctors for larger sensors from APS-C upwards are optionally available


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TS-Optics 8" f/8 RC Ritchey-Chrétien Telescope

Most large professional telescope are constructed according to the RC principle. Until recently, these telescopes were unaffordable for amateurs. RC telescopes from Teleskop-Service are primarily aimed to amateur astronomers with photographic interest. These telescopes are perfectly suited for high-resolution astrophotography. Of course, an RC can also be used for visual observing. Here, the large corrected field of view is noticeable, too. In total, the stars are sharper than, for example, in a Schmidt-Cassegrain.

The advantages of the TS-Optics RC Telescopes at a glance:

♦ Hyperbolic primary and secondary mirror for a large fully corrected field of view.
♦ Astrophotography with camera sensors up to 30 mm diameter possible without corrector. For larger sensors, like full-frame size, Teleskop-Service offers ready-to-use corrector solutions.
♦ 99% dielectric high-reflectivity coating on main and secondary mirror for an even brighter image.
♦ Significantly shorter cooling down time through open construction
♦ Internal baffles in the tube for even more contrast.
♦ High back focus for correctors, reducers and also binoviewers.
♦ High-quality 2" MONORAIL focuser with 2" and 1.25" receptacle.

Astrophotography with the TS-Optics 8" RC telescope:

Better and sharper astro images without corrector with shorter exposure times. Exactly that is made possible by using this RC telescope with astro cameras and SLR cameras up to APS-C sensors. As a pure mirror system, you can even use the infrared light. You can achieve up to 25% shorter exposure times and a sharper image than, for example, a comparable Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. With the focal reducer CCD47, you can even increase the focal ratio to fast f/5.36.

Spacers for the ideal back-focus are supplied. You don´t need extension tubes, thanks to the spacers, the focuser is allways in an optimal position, whether you observe or photograph.

Optical Design:True RC with a hyperbolic primary and secondary mirror.
Aperture:203 mm / 8"
Focal length:1624 mm
Focal ratio:f/8
Reflectivity:99% reflectivity non-tarnishing dielectric mirror coatings
Back focus:254 mm from the tubeŽs backside or 159 mm from the 2" receptacle of the focuser
Tube Diameter:230 mm
Tube Length:580 mm with focuser
Weight:8.25 kg with focuser, plus 500 g for extension tubes
Total Obstruction by Secondary:85 mm
Focuser:2" Crayford focuser
Connection Thread:M90x1
Dovetail Bars:GP style

In the box:

♦ 8" f/8 RC Astrograph
♦ 2" Focuser with reduction from 2" to 1.25"
♦ 2x Dovetail - GP Level
♦ M90 extension tubes for easy reaching of the focus
♦ Collimation manual

Additional Information

Additional Information

NameTS-Optics 8" Ritchey-Chrétien Pro RC Telescope 203/1624 mm OTA
Optical SchemeRitchey-Chrétien
Diameter203 mm
Focal Length1624 mm