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T2 Thread Adapter

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TS-Optics Adaptor with female T2 thread and male M48 (2" filter) thread - short

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Short Description

The adapter extends a male T2 thread to M48x0.75 (2") filter thread without increasing the length.

  • Female thread: T2 - M42x0.75
  • Male thread: 2" filter thread - M48x0.75
  • Length: only 2.5 mm - the mechanical length is optically not effective, as the adapter is completely sunken in the connection adapter


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The adapter fits to a male T2-thread and extends it to an M48x0.75 2" filter thread. With this, you can use connection adapters with female M48x0.75 thread.

Another application is the reduction of a 2" filter thread to T2. Screw the adapter into the female M48x0.75 thread and then a female T2 thread is at your disposal.

The adapter itself is only 2.5 mm short. As it disappears entirely in the M48x0.75 connection thread, the adapter has no effective optical path. At one side, the adpter has two slots which make loosening from the connection adapter easy.

Additional Information

Additional Information

NameTS-Optics Adaptor with female T2 thread and male M48 (2" filter) thread - short
Warranty2 Years