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Flat Field Box

TS-Optics Premium LED Flatfield Generator 160 mm

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Short Description

Flatfield box by Teleskop-Service for perfect astro images with latest LED technology and adjustable brightness - for astrophotography with telescopes up to 160mm


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  • ♦ 160 mm fully and evenly illuminated area - more uniform than EL foils
  • ♦ Variably adjustable for slip-on diameters from 179 - 222 mm
  • ♦ Generator holds on telescope at virtually any tilt, no need to tilt telescope to zenith for flats
  • ♦ LED technology produces a color-neutral and pure white image for very good flats even with color cameras
  • ♦ With built-in dimmer for flexible brightness control - therefore also suitable for cameras with mechanical shutter
  • ♦ Stand-alone system or complete control via PC with USB connection - USB cable is included in delivery
  • ♦ Ideal also for remote use
  • ♦ 12 V power connection - suitable power supply and cable are available
  • ♦ High-quality workmanship and robust outer surfaces guarantee durability
  • ♦ Four adjustable plastic knurled screws on the edge allow the Flatfield Box to be perfectly adapted to your telescope.

TS USB flatfield box with neutral white LED light, dimmable:

With a flatfield image you compensate for uneven illumination of the optics (vignetting), but also for shadows on the sensor caused by dust grains. The image becomes more uniform and thus you can clearly enhance the object and the sky background remains uniform. The result is simply better astrophotos with any telescope or camera lens.

The advantage of LED technology:

♦ LED flat field generators provide a color-neutral image, the individual color channels are evenly strong. This makes the TS-Optics Premium Flatfield Generators well suited not only for monochrome but also for color cameras.

♦ The illumination of the TS-Optics LED Flatfieldbox is very uniform, even at low light intensity, the flatfield generator does not introduce any image artifact into the processing.

♦ Due to the brightness control, longer but also very short exposure times can be realized. This makes the Flatfield generator suitable for all cameras, including those with a mechanical shutter, such as DSLR. With mechanical shutter we recommend at least 2 seconds exposure time.

♦ The LEDs do not flicker, so even very short exposure times with reproducible results are possible.

Stand-alone operation or complete control via computer

The TS Premium Flatfieldbox works independently of the computer. You only need a 12 V power supply. Suitable cables and power supply are linked in the accessories section. Alternatively, you can also control the generator remotely via the computer. This simplifies operation, enables REMOTE use and produces reproducible results. A suitable driver for Windows is included in the scope of delivery.

The computer connection allows you to control your astro images including the FLATS via suitable software, such as the APT.

Illumination:Neutral white LEDs
Usable diameter:160 mm
Suitable for slip-on diameter:179 - 222 mm steplessly adjustable
Material:Solid metal construction - the box is screwed together
Power supply:12 V (5.5x2.1 socket)

In the box:

  • ♦ TS Flatfield Box
  • ♦ USB/USB mini cable
  • ♦ USB memory with driver
  • ♦ User manual

Additional Information

Additional Information

NameTS-Optics Premium LED Flatfield Generator 160 mm
Warranty2 Years


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