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Unistellar Odyssey

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Unistellar Odyssey is an advanced, compact, lightweight Smart telescope, easy to use thanks to the intuitive app for iOS and Android that allows you to observe and photograph the wonders of the Universe even from urban environments characterized by strong light pollution.


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With Unistellar Odyssey you can discover planets like Jupiter and Saturn, as well as objects thousands of light years away, like the Orion Nebula, with just one click on the app from your tablet or smartphone. A great innovation, a unique feature of ODYSSEY, is the ''Stellar Autofocus'' which ensures perfect sharpness during observation and photography. The Stellar Autofocus developed by Unistellar for astronomical observation guarantees incredibly sharp, crystal-clear images and breathtaking observation quality throughout the entire observation session. Odyssey is the first reflecting telescope that does not require collimation. - Stellar Autofocus: The Stellar Autofocus developed by Unistellar ensures perfect and constant focus throughout the observation session. Odyssey will automatically optimize the focus when necessary during observation, guaranteeing you always perfect images with sensational detail. - Versatile: Some traditional telescopes can be limited to only one type of observation, making it necessary to change instruments depending on what you want to observe. Odyssey telescopes allow you to travel from our Solar System to the farthest corners of the visible Universe with a single telescope. From Saturn to Jupiter, up to the Triangulum Galaxy and the Orion Nebula with a single telescope. Galaxies, nebulae and comets finally become visible, colorful and detailed. - Deep Dark Technology: The latest generation Deep Dark Technology by Unistellar allows automatic reduction of electronic noise and light pollution from images. Even in urban areas characterized by strong light pollution, the Deep Dark Technology denoising algorithm instantly optimizes the image coming from the telescope, offering you sensational and clear images of galaxies, clusters and nebulae. Unistellar's proprietary software mitigates the impact of light pollution and allows you to observe distant objects in sharp detail, even from urban environments with heavy light pollution. Unistellar's technology quickly identifies light pollution, then automatically filters and removes it. Observers will be able to enjoy sharper images with better contrasts and colors, regardless of the brightness level of the sky. - Smart Star Finder: Smart Star Finder is a cutting-edge technology from Unistellar that allows you to autonomously point to any celestial object without the need for complex initial alignment procedures by the user. The integrated system instantly recognizes objects in its field of view by comparing them to an integrated database of coordinates of tens of millions of stars. This allows for an extremely accurate and easy-to-use GOTO automated targeting system. Select a celestial object in the Unistellar app and let the telescope point and track it. With a catalog of over 5000 objects Odyssey is able to propose and show in a few seconds all the most spectacular celestial objects visible in the sky from your position. Save and share your experience with others, in person or virtually.


  • Maximum magnitude: 17.2
  • Field of View: 34x45 arcmin
  • Primary mirror diameter: 85mm
  • Secondary mirror diameter: 24mm
  • Focal length: 320 mm
  • Battery: Li-ion (3 x 18650) 3.7V
  • Battery life: 5 hours
  • Alt-Az motorized mount with extreme tracking precision thanks to automated celestial tracking with feedback
  • Weight: 6.5 kg, including tripod
  • Sensor resolution: 3.4MPx
  • Storage capacity: 64 GB
  • Object database: +5000
  • APP compatibility: Android 10 and above and IOS 15 and above

Additional Information

Additional Information

NameUnistellar Odyssey
Warranty2 Years
Optical SchemeNewton
Diameter85 mm
Focal Length320 mm
Mount typeGo-To Alt-Azimuth


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