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WarpAstron WD-20 Harmonic Direct Drive

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Short Description

WarpAstron presents its brand new WD-20 Harmonic Drive mount with Direct Drive motor to the market.
WarpAstron therefore offers a transportable mount for astrophotography.
The mount weighs 5.4kg and carries telescopes up to 22kg without a counterweight. With the counterweight and counterweight rod (optional with M12 thread) the mount can also carry telescopes weighing up to 30 kg.


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Most Harmonic Drive mounts on the market use a Belt Drive coupling system, therefore a motor moves and the harmonic motion system is activated by means of a belt; this can cause problems over time (the belt can loosen) and can present problems due to errors during assembly; the harmonic motion Direct Drive system, on the other hand, in addition to having all the advantages of the Belt Drive, effectively eliminates the error caused by the assembly, guarantees a quicker response of the motor and allows greater precision in driving corrections.

Many features and ease of use

  • The WD20 can be operated equatorially and azimuthally, for astrophotography the parallactic/equatorial mode is used.
  • The mount must be aligned as accurately as possible with the celestial pole.
  • The mount is then ready for use within minutes.

Specifications in brief

  • Direct Drive connection
  • Light and silent
  • Double clamp with Losmandy and Vixen attachment
  • Integrated double Home position sensor
  • It supports the cold very well - Operating temperature -25/50°
  • Built-in GPS
  • ONStep based system compatible with ASCOM (NINA, APT, MaximDL), ASIAIR, Stellarmate, Astrostation and similar

No more counterweights needed

Normally, equatorial mounts require counterweights to balance the weight of the telescope, this is the only way to ensure correct operation.

The WD20 uses robotic technology, requiring no counterweights up to a telescope weight limit of 22kg.

This makes the WD20 lighter, more compact and easier to use and transport.

Only for the heaviest telescopes (up to 30kg maximum) we recommend counterweights to keep the mount and tripod in balance.

Which tripod can I use?

WarpAstron has decided to facilitate this choice by adopting the same connection system as ZWO, therefore we will be able to use tripods such as the TC40, its PE200 half column, the Artesky column or the EQ5 Skywatcher tripod with the PE200

The package includes:

  • WD 20 mount
  • Padded aluminum case
  • DC Power Cable
  • Controllers and cables
  • USB-C to USB-A cable

Additional Information

Additional Information

NameWarpAstron WD-20 Harmonic Direct Drive
Warranty3 YEARS


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