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Yaesu FT3DE

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5W analogue and digital VHF/UHF transceiver with colour touchscreen and built-in Bluetooth.



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  •  Compact and Reliable 5W RF Power Output
  • 700mW of Exceptional Quality Audio
  • Easy Hands Free Operation with Built-in Bluetooth unit
  • High-Resolution Full Color Touch Panel Screen
  • Dedicated keys 
  • Real Dual Band Operation ( V+V/U+U/V+U/U+V)
  • Simultaneous C4FM.C4FM Standby
  • Snapshot Feature with optional MH-85A11U Camera Mic.
  • Sophiticated Digital ID (DG-1D) oepration
  • Full Band reception (0.5MHz - 999.99MHz)
  • Builtin High Precision GPS Antenna
  • High Reolution Band Scope with Fast Display of up to 79 channels.
  • CAM (Club Channel Activity Monitor) Function.
  • Recording Function to SD card
  • Large Capacity 1256ch Memory and 24 100Channel Memory Banks
  • Back illuminated Keypad
  • Easy to use Dual Axis Control for Volume and Dial Operation.
  • Memory ALPHA tag upto 16 Characters.
  • Built in CTCSS/DSC/Pager (EPCS Function enables Selective Calling.
  • DTMF Encode and Memory Feature
  • ARS Automatc Repeater Shift
  • Builtin ON/OFF timer with APO (Automatic Power Off and TOT(Timeout Timer) 
  • GPS Data output
  • Password Lock feature
  • Water Protection IPX5 rating.
Frequency Range A (Main) Band RX: 0.5 -  1.8 MHzAM Radio 
 1.8 - 30.0 MHzSW Radio
 30 - 76 MHz50MHz Radio
 76 - 108 MHzFM  Radio
 108 - 137 MHzAir Band
 137 -144 MHz144MHZ HAM
 174 - 222 MHzVHF Band
 222 - 420 MHzGEN1
 420 -470 MHz430 MHz HAM
 470 -800 MHzUHF Band
 800 -999 MHz GEN2 Cellular Blocked US Model
B (Sub Band RX:108- 137 MHzAir Band
 137 - 174 MHz144 MHz HAM
 174 - 222 MHzVHF Band
 222 - 420 MHzGEN1
 420 - 470 MHz430 MHz HAM
 470 -580 MHzUHF Band
Transmitter:144- 146 MHzEuropean Versions
 430 - 440 MHzEuropean Versions
Channel Steps5,6.25,8.33, 9 KHz8.33KHz Airband only; 9KHz AM only 
 10,12.5,15,20 KHz 
 25,50, 100 KHz 
Frequency Stability±2.5ppm-20°C to +60°C (-4°F to +140°F)
Emission Type F1D,F2D,F3E,F7WF7W - C4FM
Supply Voltage                      Nominal7.2V DCNegative Ground ( SBR-14LI)
 7.4V DCNegative Ground  (FNB-101LI)
 10.5V - 16V DCNegative Ground (EXT DC JACK)
                                            Operating5.5V  - 8.4V DCNegative Ground (Li-Ion Battery Pack
 6.0V - 16V DC  Negative Ground (EXT DC)
 10.5 - 16.0V DCNegative Ground (EXT DC for Charging). 

 3.6V - 4.5V DCNegative Ground ( with FBA-39)
Current Consumption          Receiver:150mAMono Band Receive
170mADual Band Receive
 86mAMono Band Receive - Standby Mode
 120mADual Band Receive - Standby Mode
 67mAMono Band RX, STBY, Saver Ratio 1:10
 67mADual Band RX, STBY, Saver Ratio 1:10
 +18mAGPS ON
 +6mADigital Mode on
 900μAAuto Power Off mode
Transmitter:1.6A5W TX 144MHz 7.2V DC
 1.9A5W TX 430MHZ 7.2V DC
Operating  Temperature-20°C to +60°C-4°F to +140°F
Case Size62(W) x 100(H) x 32.5(D) mm 2.44" x 3.94" x 1.28"  (w/SBR-41LI ...)
  (...and w/o Knob, Ant or Belt Cli)
Weight282g (9.95oz)w/SBR-14LI and Antennae
RF Powwer Output5W/2.5W/1W/0.3W @ Battery Pack  or EXT DC
 0.9W/0.3W @ FBA-39 Dry Cell Battery Pack.
Modulation TypeF1D, F2D, F3EVariable  Reactance Modulation
 F7W4 Level FSK C4FM
Spurious EmissionAt least 60dB below @TX Power Hi, L3
 At least 50dB below@TX Power L2, L1
Circuit Type AM, NBFMDouble Conversion Superhet
 AM Airband/FM BroadcastSingle Conversion Superhet
 Intermediate Frequencies1st IF 58.05 MHzAM, NBFM A Band
 1st IF 57.15 MHzAM, NBFM B Band
 2nd IF 450 KHzAM, NBFM
Sensitivity3μV for 10dB SN0.5 - 30 MHz @AM
 0.35μV TYP for 12dB SINAD30 - 54 MHz @NFM
 1μV TYP for 12dB SINAD54 - 88 MHz @NFM
 1.5μV TYP for 12dB SINAD88 - 108 MHz @NFM
 1.5μV TYP for 10dB SN108 - 137 MHz @ AM
 0.2μV for 12dB SINAD137 - 140 MHz @NFM
 0.16μV for 12dB SINAD140 -150 mhZ @NFM
 0.2μV for 12dB SINAD 150 -174 MHz @NFM
 1μV for 12dB SINAD 174 - 222 MHz @NFM
 0.5μV for 12dB SINAD 300 -350 MHz @NFM
 0.2μV for 12dB SINAD350 -400 MHz @NFM
 0.18μV for 12dB SINAD 400 -470 MHz @NFM

 1.5μV for 12dB SINAD470 -580 MHz @NFM
 3μV for 12dB SINAD580 - 800MHz @NFM
1.5μV for 12dB SINAD800 - 999MHz @NFM Cellular Blocked USA
 0.1 9μV TYP for BER1%Digital Modes
SelectivityNFM, AM12 KHz / 35 KHz ( -6dB / -60dB)
AF Output700mW16Ω for 10% THD Internal Speaker 
 300mW8Ω for 10% THD External Speaker Jack

In the box:

 Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery Pack (7.2 V, 2,200 mAh) SBR-14LI
• Battery Charger SAD-25B
• Antenna
• Belt Clip
• USB Cable
• Operating Manual 
• SBR-14LI Manual
• Battery Pack protective cap

Additional Information

Additional Information

NameYaesu FT3DE