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Yaesu G-450C Antenna Rotor

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The Yaesu G-450 Light/Medium-Duty Rotator is a versatile equipment designed with specific technical specifications. With a wind load capacity of 1m², a stationary torque of 3000kg/cm, and a rotation torque of 600kg/cm, this rotator is suitable for various applications. The motor has been upgraded to DC from AC, enhancing its performance and efficiency.


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It is important to note that for mounting on a pole, the GC-038 accessory is required. The G-450C is recommended for entry-level needs, making it perfect for turning a VHF system or a lightweight HF tri-bander. Its features include a Compass Display with the option to set the stop at North or South, a quiet gear reduction braking system, and a Quick Disconnect Plug for safety during lightning.

In terms of dimensions, the rotator has a mast size range of 32~63 ø, a 360° rotation time of 65 seconds, and a weight of 3.5kg. The rotator diameter x height measures 186 ø x 263, ensuring a compact yet sturdy build. With a max vertical load of 100kg and a max vertical intermittent load of 300kg, the Yaesu G-450 is a reliable choice for various rotating needs.

Additional Information

Additional Information

NameYaesu G-450C Antenna Rotor
Warranty2 Years


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