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ZWO AM3 Harmonic Drive Mount

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Short Description

ZWO offers with the AM3 Harmonic Equatorial Mount, a portable mount for astrophotography. The mount weighs less than 4 kg and carries telescopes up to 8 kg without a counterweight. With the counterweight and counterweight rod (optional) the mount can also carry telescopes up to 13 kg. Several years of development and various patents have been devoted to this exciting product.


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Lots of features and ease of use

The AM3 can be operated equatorially and azimuthally. The parallactic/equatorial mode is used for astrophotography.

The mount should be aligned as accurately as possible with the celestial pole.

The mount is then ready to use within minutes.

The status indicator always shows which mode the mount is in: Red represents parallax mode and green represents azimuth mode

No more counterweights needed

Normally, equatorial mounts need counterweights to balance the weight of the telescope. This is the only way to ensure proper functioning.

The AM3 uses robotic technology, requiring no counterweights up to a telescope weight limit of 8kg.

This makes the AM3 lighter, more compact and easier to use and transport.

Only for heavier telescopes (up to 13kg maximum) do we recommend counterweights to keep the mount and tripod in balance.

Guaranteed accurate tracking

ZWO inspects and measures every AM3 mount before delivery and guarantees a periodic error ("PE") of less than +/- 20 arc seconds.

The periodic error occurs very slowly, so that the autoguiding has enough time to correct it.

Naturally, the mount has an ST-4 autoguiding interface. Through ASIAir or other software PE can also be reduced electronically.

Usable anywhere on Earth - Weighs only 3.9kg

As you would expect from a true travel mount, the AM3 can be used anywhere on Earth, from the equator to the poles. The frame has space in any luggage, even hand luggage!

Polar alignment of the mount for astrophotography

In equatorial mode, the mount must be aligned exactly with the north or south celestial pole.

Small errors are obviously corrected by the autoguider.

Alignment is done quickly and easily with ASIAir or other suitable software.

No more cables thanks to WiFi

All functions of the mount can be controlled via smartphone. Naturally, the AM3 works particularly well with ZWO's ASIAir. With ASIAIR, everything from the camera to the autoguider to the mount can be controlled via app using a smartphone or tablet.

The AM3 can also be used with the push button panel without a smartphone. The hand control also works wirelessly, of course.

Additional Information

Additional Information

NameZWO AM3 Harmonic Drive Mount
Warranty3 YEARS
Mount typeHarmonic Equatorial Mount


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