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ZWO ASI2600MM Pro Mono

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ZWO presents the new ASI2600MM-Pro, Sony APS-C monochrome sensor with 28.3mm diagonal and Peltier cooling! This is the first 16bit ZWO ASI camera with a monochrome APS-C sensor


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ASI2600 - A 16bit APS-C!
The new ZWO ASI2600MM PRO camera is the first camera in the world to use the Sony ExMor IMX571 sensor in monochrome version
This new Sony sensor is the first astronomical camera sensor to use the 16bit APS-C format
Unlike its younger sister ASI071, this new camera has a backlit sensor (BSI) that allows it to reach QE up to 80% and new levels of gray scales that were previously unimaginable!

Outstanding Low Illumination Performance SNR1s: 0.14lx
This result is achieved using a large optical system and expanding the area per pixel to 3.76 microns; which makes the IMX571CJK sensor ideal for astronomical applications where high performance is required even in low illumination.

SONY sensor 26.0MP with 28.3 mm diagonal
The SONY IMX571 sensor has a diagonal of 28.3 mm and 3.76x3.76 micron pixels, the APS-C format is a new sensor even more performing, with 26MP and a resolution of 6248x4176.
With this sensor it is possible to photograph an entire cluster of galaxies and show the details of each one at the same time!
The chamber also features TEC Cooling with a thermal delta of the ambient temperature down to -40 °.

Technical features:

  • Two-stage regulation with a thermal delta of 40 ° with respect to the environment
  • Electronic shutter: no vibration
  • Extremely low reading noise: 1.0e @ 24db gain 3.3e @lowest gain
  • 16BIT monochrome sensor
  • 16bit ADC: provide real 16bit Dynamic range
  • USB 3.0: Super high frame download speed, avoid data loss during download
  • USB 2.0 HUB: Double USB 2.0 port useful for connecting the driving camera
  • Window with AR coated
  • Compatible with Windows-Mac-Linux
  • Backfocus: 17.5mm
  • 256MB DDR3 internal memory to not lose any frames!
  • Thanks to the brand new 256MB DDR3 internal memory you will not lose any information even through the USB 2.0 outputs!

The new ASI2600MM-PRO is able to reach a Full Well Capacity of 50000e!
Even bright stars do not become saturated with long exposures!

This camera can achieve higher SNR (signal to noise ratio) with just one exposure.

16 Bit CMOS
The new ASI2600 mounts a 16bit Sony CMOS sensor, thanks to this new technology we get a better dynamic range scale

AMP Glow? No thanks!
Unlike the other cameras, the ASI2600 has completely zeroed out any kind of sensor AMP Glow
This reported is a 300 second frame, as you can see, no AMP Glow is noticeable

Anti-condensation system integrated in the chamber

Technical features

  • SONY IMX571 CMOS sensor
  • Diagonal 28.3mm
  • Resolution 26 Mega Pixels
  • 6248 * 4176
  • Pixel Size 3.76μm
  • Bayer Pattern: RGGB
  • Image area 23.5 * 17.5mm
  • Max FPS at full resolution 3.51FPS
  • Shutter Rolling shutter
  • Exposure Range 32μs-2000s
  • Read Noise 1.0-3.3e
  • QE peak Above 80%
  • Full well 50ke
  • ADC 16bit
  • DDR3 buffer 256MB
  • USB3.0 / USB2.0 interface
  • Adapters M42 * 0.75
  • Protect window IR CUT
  • Dimensions 90mm
  • Weight 0.7kg
  • Back Focus Distance 17.5mm
  • Cooling: Regulated Two Stage TEC
  • Delta T 35 ° C below ambient
  • Cooling Power consumption 12V at 3A Max
  • Supported OS Windows, Linux & Mac OSX

Additional Information

Additional Information

NameZWO ASI2600MM Pro Mono
Warranty2 Years
Sensor NameSony ExMor IMX571
Sensor TechnologyCMOS
Sensor TypeMONO
Sensor Dimension23.5*17.5mm
Sensor Resolution6248*4176
Pixel Size (µm)3.76
Bit Rate16 bit
InterfaceUSB 3.0
Full well50Ke
QE peak80%


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