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ZWO ASI294MC PRO Cooled CMOS Color Camera

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Short Description

The cooled Color PRO camera from ZWO has the newest Sony IMX294CJK sensor - high-sensitivity astro camera for deep-sky photography.


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  • Sensor: Sony 4/3" CMOS color sensor IMX294CJK - "back illuminated" sensor
  • Sensor diameter 23.2 mm (measured by ZWO)
  • Pixel: 4.63 µm pixel size - 4144 x 2822 pixels
  • Powerful Peltier cooling up to 45 °C below ambient
  • Short download time through USB 3.0 - can also be used with USB 2.0
  • AR protection window built-in - full transmission even in infrared
  • Connection: T2, 1,25" and 2"
  • Separately screwed front panel - now the camera body cannot be unscrewed by mistake
  • Extremely high sensitivity, QE is more than 75%. You can photograph dim nebulae and galaxies with only 30 seconds exposure time.
  • USB2.0 connection for filter wheels, autoguiders or USB focuser
  • Full well capacity 63700e - even bright stars do not burn out anymore.
  • DDR buffer store for more stable data exchange

ZWO ASI294MC Pro - cooled Colour CMOS Camera for astrophotography

ASI cameras stand for very good workmanship and have modern CMOS sensors installed. This camera uses the state-of-the-art "back-illuminated" Sony IMX294CJK sensor.

Sony specifies a sensor diameter of 21.63 mm. However, measurements by ZWO have shown a true diameter of 23.2 mm. The 4.3 µm pixels of the ZWO ASI294MC make this camera an all-rounder with highest sensitivity for short exposure times.

The "single shot" color camera offers more comfort, compared with MONO cameras. Not everyone wants to follow through the laborious L-RGB technique for beautiful colored nebula or planetary images. The color cameras offer a possibility to get beautiful images without changing filters. However, good broadband nebula filters (see recommended accessories) reduce light pollution and increase contrast without being changed or colouring the image too much.

Advantages and features of the ASI MC294MCPro color camera:

  • USB 3.0 for a fast download - can also be used with USB 2.0
  • DDR memory buffer 256 MB for stable data transfer with USB2.0 - prevents also from amp glow.
  • Powerful Peltier cooling up to 35 °C below ambient
  • Sensitive CMOS sensor with 23.2 mm diameter - 11.7 megapixels
  • Good resolution through 4.63 µm pixels
  • Comes with AR protection window - full transmission also in IR. If infrared should be blocked, an IR-cut filter is necessary.
  • Distance from T2 connection thread (female) to camera sensor: 17.5 mm
  • Very high sensitivity - QE more than 75% - ideal astronomy camera for dim objects
  • 14bit ADC
  • HCG mode - if gain is higher than 120 (12 dB), read noise is reduced below 2e- - result: low-noise images despite extremely high sensitivity.
  • Full well capacity 63700e - even bright stars do not burn out anymore, you get a better signal-to-noise ratio.

Application ranges of the camera:

Deep sky images (nebulae and galaxies): Due to the high sensitivity, nebulae and galaxies are captured after only a few seconds. By cooling down the camera up to 35 °C below ambient, the already low noise can be further reduced. By increasing gain (like the ISO setting of DSLR cameras), you can reduce exposure times below 30 seconds. Effects from seeing or inaccuracies of the drive are eliminated.

Technical data:

Sensor:4/3” CMOS Sony IMx294CJK - back illuminated
Resolution:11.7 megapixels, 4144*2822
Pixel size:4.63 µm
Sensor size:23.2 mm diameter
Exposure time:32 µs to infinity
Sensor protection:Protective AR glass
Cooling:Peltier cooling up to 35 °C below ambient
Software demands:USB 3.0 should be supported by operating system
Bit rate:14 bit output
Telescope connection:T2, 2" and 1.25"
Distance T2-thread (female) to sensor:17.5 mm (6.5 mm without adapter)
Dimensions:78 mm diameter and 86 mm length
Weight:410 grams

Camera Technical Details:

Sensor: 4/3" SONY IMX294 CMOS
Diagonal: 23.2mm
Resolution: 11.7Mega Pixels 4144X2822
Pixel Size: 4.63µm
Bayer Pattern: RGGB
Shutter:Rolling shutter
Exposure Range: 32µs-2000s
ROI: Supported
Read Noise: 1.2e @39db gain
QE peak: TBD
Full well: 63.7ke
DDRIII Buffer: 256MB
Interface: USB3.0/USB2.0
Adaptor: M42X0.75
Protect window:AR window
Dimensions: 78mm Diameter
Weight: 410g
Back Focus Distance: 6.5mm
Cooling: Regulated Two Stage TEC
Delta T: 35°C-40°C below ambient
Camera Power consumption: 650mA at 5V
Cooler Power consumption: 12V at 3A Max
Working Temperature: -5°C-45°C
Storage Temperature: -20°C-60°C
Working Relative Humidity: 20%-80%
Storage Relative Humidity: 20%-95%
Max FPS at full resolution:
10Bit ADC
4144×2822 19fps
14bit ADC
4144×2822 16fps

Resolution USB 3.0 Raw16
4144×2822 16.3fps
4096×2160 21.1fps
3840×2160 21.1fps
1920×1080 40.9fps
1280×720 59.7fps
640×480 85.9fps
320×240 153.4fps

Resolution USB 3.0 Raw8 HighSpeed
4144×2822 19.0fps
4096×2160 24.7fps
3840×2160 24.7fps
1920×1080 47.9fps
1280×720 69.8fps
640×480 100.5fps
320×240 179.3fps

more resolutions are in software, support customize resolution.

Additional Information

Additional Information

NameZWO ASI294MC PRO Cooled CMOS Color Camera
Warranty2 Years
Sensor NameSony 4/3" CMOS color sensor IMX294CJK - "back illuminated" sensor
Sensor TechnologyCMOS
Sensor TypeCOLOR
Sensor Dimension4144x2822
Sensor Resolution11.7 megapixels
Pixel Size (µm)4.63
Bit Rate14 bit
InterfaceUSB 3.0
Full well63.7 ke
QE peakNo


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