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ASIAIR Pro hardware is base on the PI4 board and OS has been rewritten for that platform - there will be a code branch to allow ASIAIR Edn 1 to continue development inline with ASIAIR Pro. USB3 is now standard on PI4.
ASIAIR Pro has 64GB of built in space and a 64GB flash drive giving a total storage of 128GB
PI4 has 4GB of RAM and a new CPU - 30% faster than PI3.
The unit is now housed in a CNC milled aircraft grade aluminum housing - available in many colours as long as its ZWO RED.



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The housing will have mounts to allow it to be installed on the finder foot and the finder/guidescope can mount on the ASIAIR Pro.
ASIAIR Pro integrates simple power management with 4 x DC outlets (3A each - 10A max total) - will be controllable from the ASIAIR app. (some ports will be PWM controllable for dew controllers)
ASIAIR Pro will have a DSLR shutter control line to control the snap socket on many cameras.
ASIAIR Pro will support all the latest cameras and devices such as EAF.

As ASIAIR Pro is a new software package PI3 boards will not support it - updated versions with non Pro features will continue to be developed and released.

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Additional Information

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